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In low-income countries, each additional year of schooling can increase a person’s income by 10%. WHI’ education & resource programs are leading to a better-educated workforce and a more stable economy.

Project Information

Project Status: Active
Start Date: 2016
End Date: Ongoing
Countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Quality Education Decent Work & Economic Growth Reduced Inequalities

Empowering Community-Led Change

Through the Education Resource Center (ERC) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, World Hope International (WHI) is empowering change by resourcing local educators, professionals, and organizations. The ERC offers all local teachers and educators access to classroom space, printers, computers, projectors, and books, promoting affordable access to education and learning resources for educators and students alike. Seminars have also been held on developing better communication in the family. The ERC also supports small business startups within the community.

WHI’s impact is opening doors in communities. Our staff is known as people who care for their community by training teachers, creating a safe space for special education and at-risk students, and unlocking opportunities. 

Project Goals
  1. To empower, encourage, and resource local educators, students, and community members in a safe environment.
  2. To provide space and resources for education and learning opportunities in our community.  
Expected Outcomes
  1. Educators and community groups have access to resources which they would not otherwise have access to.
  2. Unity and collaboration are fostered among various community groups.

adults participated in continuing education or were assisted through WHI’s special projects in 2019


This program connects students who struggle in the classroom with teachers who help them develop their learning and assist with classroom behavior. Each teacher spends 2-3 hours a week with their student with the goal to fill in the gap where the local educational system is lacking. We also provide tutoring for children with learning disabilities, behavioral challenges and speech difficulties who lack resources and support. 


WHI employs a speech therapist certified in Level 2 of Talk Tools, an American program that has been adapted to fit the local community. This speech therapy uses oral tools to help children with speech difficulties progress both in pronunciation and in the use of oral muscles such as those used in speaking, chewing and swallowing.


The Continuing Education Program provides an environment for community members and leaders to be empowered and to develop professional skills. Conversational English clubs help those who want to practice their English, language lessons in Spanish and German are offered, women enjoy social interaction through practical community school courses and professional seminars are organized for local educators to provide a platform for further growth and development. Summer camps are also held for elementary and middle school students with a variety of activities and educational development goals.


Community Project Competitions empower local ideas and foster unity, collaboration, and creativity. Each winning project involves more than one community group or classroom for the purpose of bettering their school or community. This collaborative challenge fosters networking and innovation.

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