Clean Water Challenge: 2x the impact for clean water!


Help us raise $1.3 million by December 31 so we can unlock funds from other committed partners for a total of $2.6 million. We could provide access to clean water for women like Loa across Liberia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Haiti—reaching nearly 240,000 people! Help us #FinishTheirStory.

Loa lost everything.

When the market for her crops crashed, Loa and her husband had to sell off all their belongings—including their home. Hopeless and with nowhere to go, Loa knew something needed to change.

 But without access to clean water, how could Loa take advantage of a new opportunity to transform her life?

We envision a world where Loa has access to clean water because we understand first-hand how water affects her and her family holistically—her health, safety, education, and her ability to take charge of her future and economic livelihood. Clean water has everything to do with it.

Clean water has everything to do with… 


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