Journey to The Bahamas

Through the Hope Garden Project, educators and families are being empowered to help children and their communities thrive.

Bahamas Facts

UN, World Bank

Population: 407,906

Capital: Nassau

Currency: Bahamian Dollar B$ on par with US Dollar, which can also be used

Area: 13,880 km² (8,625 mi²)

Languages: English, Bahamian Creole, Haitian Creole

Major religions:  Protestant

WHI in The Bahamas

World Hope International’s Hope Garden Project (HGP) is working to bring sustainable change to the Bahamas.  The purpose of HGP is to make a sustainable long-lasting impact in the lives of children and vulnerable communities by giving them safer, healthier and happier lives.  If a child is able to attend a preschool in the Bahamas, they are not only offered an education but fed and offered daily care.  Having access to preschool and early education dramatically improves their quality of life, overall wellbeing and opportunity for the future.

Celebrating the Passionate Purpose

World Hope’s first-ever Online Gala could not have gone any better. Our community stepped up and we all experienced 37 feel-good minutes of good news.

Volunteers Responding to Disaster

I will continue partnering with World Hope because they are making a difference in the lives of people around the world. I’ve been able to see this and experience first-hand. I feel so blessed to be a volunteer where I can be the hands and feet of Jesus when people need it most.

Rebuilding in the Bahamas, Starting with the Church

Hurricane Dorian destroyed Pastor Raymond’s home and wiped out decades of work. But it’s not the end of the story…



Spaces Available

8 People

How Long

1 Week


18 yrs & older



*Cost includes tickets, meals, in-country transportation, and housing (subject to change)

Type of Work

Grow Hope: Garden Project

By providing healthier food options and access to sustainable food sources, we will ensure every preschool-aged child receives healthy food they need to enhance their overall well-being and that of their families.

Team members should be prepared to work outside, get dirty, and have some knowledge of planting.  A knowledge of simple carpentry or willingness to learn on the job will be an asset.

Build Hope: Playground Project

Parents and staff of the preschool will actively participate in the planning, building and maintenance of a creative and safe play environment.

Team members must be willing and able to work hard and be outside in hot weather. You must be able to lift heavy objects, be familiar with tools and other carpentry equipment, and work as team. Past experience in carpentry is an asset but not required as long as there is a leader with experience.

Feed Hope: Breakfast Program

By providing healthier food options and access to sustainable food sources, we will ensure every preschool-aged child receives the nutritious food they need to enhance their overall well-being and that of their families.

Team members will be assisting local volunteers with buying, preparing, cooking, and serving children meals in vulnerable communities.

Inspire Hope: Early Childhood Education Conference

This annual professional development opportunity is an amazing initiative meant to assist educators on the island. The purpose is to share, encourage, and inspire as they dedicate their lives to educating the children and youth of Grand Bahama.

Presenters at this conference will empower local teachers as they invest in the lives of children and inspire hope.

Start Your Journey

When approached with the opportunity to serve educators in the Bahamas, I was excited to share my educational experience. What I did not expect was what I would receive in return. I left the Bahamas having learned more than I taught. I learned to appreciate the power of community. I learned to be grateful for the opportunities available to my family and my colleagues. I learned about resilience and unwavering faith. I learned that serving others fills me up in turn. Finally, I learned that there is still so much we can accomplish, so much more we can give.

Samantha Smith, Educator, Fredericton NB

Meet Jenny and Derek! They are the country directors for The Bahamas.

Jenny & Derek were both born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Jenny has worked extensively with children of all ages, having devoted over 20 years to early childhood education and business ownership.  Derek has over 30 years of food sales and grocery management experience developing skills in negotiating, product line growth, meeting deadlines and product representation.  Together Jenny and Derek lead the Hope Garden Project, partnering with local, established preschools to see transformation come to the island of Grand Bahama

Things You Need to Know

Passport Required: Yes – 6 month validation

Visa Required: Not required

Vaccinations: Please consult your family doctor or travel clinic

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