Learning Life Skills through Sport

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Cambodia, General, Youth Empowerment

After school programs are transforming lives in Cambodia. The Sports for Development (S4D) club in Mondulkiri is helping girls and boys learn not only how to play sports but how to set and achieve goals through discipline and commitment. Teams of children from multiple schools periodically come together to compete in Friendship Games in ways that influence their communities.  The Friendship Games, which started in 2022, bring teams together from schools across the region.  These events are helping build connection and trust between, not only students from different schools, but their parents and teachers as well. 

Sports for Growth 

Girls and boys competing in soccer and volleyball are building strong friendships in their time together. You can see the determination in their faces as they play, and you experience their growth as individuals and teams as they win and lose graciously. Cheering one another on demonstrates the leadership skills they are learning through these special after school programs. 

Families and other community members join in the fun, coming to the field to see the children compete. There is no favouritism though. The families and community members follow the children’s lead; cheering everyone on, regardless of the team. Through their friendly competitions, Bunong students are influencing their families and communities in exceptional ways. 

Development for the Future 

Sports For Development programs are teaching more than play. In addition to improving the fitness of the Bunong children, the girls and boys are also learning many life skills necessary for success such as; leadership skills, how to build friendships with others that they don’t know, how to work hard to achieve their goals, and a growing respect for themselves and others.  

Developing these skills at a young age gives children the opportunity for success in all areas of their lives as they grow and become community and even country leaders. They experience dignity in all areas of their lives and their hope for their future grows. Sports for Development is so much more than just playing a game, it is children empowered to thrive. 

And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets. Zechariah 8:5 (NRSVUE) 

World Hope International has been working to empower children among the Bunong community since 2017. 

You can support WHI’s efforts to empower and build resiliency among the indigenous Bunong of Cambodia by giving to The Hope Fund.

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