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Healing from Unexpected Places

Healing from Unexpected Places

Healing from Unexpected Places Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, World Hope International’s Founder, continues this month to share some of her thoughts from through the years in our Founder Series; asking questions, sharing stories, and reflecting on opportunity, dignity, and...
Healing from Unexpected Places

The Power of Presence

The Power of Presence In the Western world, we often struggle to show our appreciation or care for others and rely too much on gifts to speak for us. However, people in lower-income countries have taught me much about the care and love for others beyond material...
Healing from Unexpected Places

Learning From Haitians About Hope

Learning From Haitians About Hope In this installment of the Founder Series Blog, Dr. Jo Anne Lyon reflects on an experience where her personal understanding of faith and hope deepened and grew, as she witnessed the power of hope in what she had perceived to be a...
Healing from Unexpected Places

Surprised by Water

Surprised by Water I sat on a log along with hundreds of others both standing and sharing the log with me in a remote village in Zambia. We all had our eyes glued on the large drilling rig, hoping to see water gush up from the ground. The day moved on and no water....
Healing from Unexpected Places

How Did You Start World Hope?

How Did You Start World Hope? “How Did you Start World Hope” is a question I am often asked. Of course, generally, the person asking has about two minutes to listen for an answer and I often sense the disappointment when I reveal that I did not hear God’s voice one...

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