World Hope Canada seeks to inspire hope through providing educational opportunities. We place a special emphasis on girl-child education.

Butoke School


Butoke means “light” and Butoke does indeed shine a light on the community, delivering impressive results at low cost, whether by setting up women’s groups for food production, capping natural springs for clean water, or read more...

Reach For Life Program

Reach 4 Life-01The purpose of Reach 4 Life is “To share the gospel with at risk youth, challenging them to choose life through abstinence instead of “suicidal sex” through risky sexual behaviors.” Developed in Africa to address the ever-growing HIV/Aids crisis on the continent, it has been written to reach vulnerable teens to help them make healthy and wise choices and to keep them alive!  From March – September 2014,  2034 students gave their life to Christ and 1249 students agreed to abstinence, to do away with wrong usage of media and peer pressure and also from all things that hinder them from following the Lord.