Not Everyone Can Have a Bubble Bath

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Clean Water and Energy, Liberia

Today is National Bubble Bath Day! Personally, a bubble bath has always been a place of peace and relaxation; a place where I can escape the day-to-day drama of life and let all the stress melt away. A soaker tub full of steaming hot water, bubbles reaching out over the top of the tub, and beautiful scents make for a relaxing and refreshing time. 
Not everyone has the privilege of stepping into a soaker tub full of hot, soapy clean water. In Liberia, only 10% of the population have access to safely managed water systems and sanitation services.
Freestanding Water System

A New Hope

In one community in Liberia, residents are ever thankful for a new water system, installed by World Hope, that is providing them with clean, safe water. In Northeast Liberia, there is now a mini solar powered, stand-alone water facility with an in-line chlorination system that is transforming lives. Thanks to this system, water borne disease is no longer a threat. For many years, people in this community have suffered and died from sickness from drinking and cooking with contaminated water. But no more. 

The residents of this community are praising God for access to clean safe water and want to share their gratitude with those who have partnered with World Hope International and given generously to provide their community with this huge blessing of a water system.  

Mr. Daniel Pabai, a commissioner and resident of the community shares his delight saying, “We are happy and grateful to God for this good gesture.” 

Reality Check 

Lately, every time I have a bubble bath, I think of how blessed I am to have access to clean water for this kind of extravagant act. For some, clean water for drinking and cooking is not a reality, but at World Hope International, we are working together with partners like you to make clean water availabe to everyone. 

Clean water is considered a human right. Right now, about 2,000,000 people are still living daily without access. With your partnership, we can see this number shrink. Give today to The Hope Fund to see more people access clean water. On behalf of those in need, THANK YOU! 

When you give to The Hope Fund, your donation impacts people by reducing sickness, increasing attendance at school, and reducing violence.

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