Megan Holmes

Megan Holmes

Operations Manager for WHI Cambodia
Location: Cambodia

Megan has over 15 years of strong operations experience in large church and high-growth nonprofit settings, and as the founder of the social venture, Conscious Products. With a strong interest in sustainability and innovative triple bottom line, market-based hybrid social impact solutions, Megan works to improve support systems to promote efficient and effective problem-solving. Notable work has included operations consulting for multiple churches, start-up businesses, international schools, discipleship programs, and anti-trafficking organizations where she focuses on capacity building and collective impact in the USA, Cambodia, Mexico, and Greece. Megan’s collaborative experiences have led her to work with multiple international churches, international Chrisitan musicians and speakers, the FBI, the State Department, the Polaris Project, local level governments and activists, and as a board member of Justice 180.

With a BA in Non-Western History and Marginalized Communities, Megan has worked on reforesting projects in Kenya and New Zealand, sustainable development research in Samoa, church development in Mexico, and now lives with her family in Cambodia where she is completing an MBA in Social Impact from Eastern University. With World Hope International Megan works as the Operations Manager for the Cambodia office with the focus of supporting strategic development and capacity building through the implementation of viable operational systems.

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