Adequate healthcare is a major concern for people all over the world. Everyone desires to be healthy and to receive the care they need for their loved ones, especially children. It's no different for those living in a developing country.

Working with our partners, World Hope Canada helps to improve local health care systems, provide training to caregivers and community mobilizers so that people can enjoy a healthier, better quality of life.

We strongly believe that our work in this area is saving and improving lives every day!

The Alpha Program

In Sierra Leone, families must provide food for their hospitalized loved ones. Buying additional food to make the children well is difficult for most Sierra Leoneans because of the extreme poverty in which they live. The Alpha Program provides the food and medicine to treat malnourished children.

It is a World Hope Canada feeding program partnering with Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital for severely malnourished children that provides:

  • Support and training for local health care providers on “best practice” care of malnourished children
  • Medicine to treat underlying disease as well as locally available food, vitamins, and mineral supplements
  • Nutritional education for home-care givers

Through The Alpha Foundation, Sierra Leone health care providers are equipped to train home-care givers (mothers, grandmothers, etc.) in nutritional “best practice” treatment for malnourished children.  Many children will survive to adulthood because of this program.

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Project Reach Out Ghana

  • Ashiyie Community Clinic – 10 staff, nurses, physician’s assistant, nurse’s assistant, lab people, pharmacy assistant, security person, and administrator. 24 hour service. They have regular electricity. Also has a small generator for when the power is out. Jemima is in charge of the clinic overall.
  • Community Health Clinics – 2 room clinics; community health nurse lives in one room and operates from the other. We have two clinics, Kabeso and Wiae near Salaga. The government pays the salary of the community health nurses and supplies the meds.