Emergency Relief

Hurricane Ian Response

World Hope is mobilizing to bring help and hope to Florida communities directly impacted by Hurricane Ian.

World Hope Volunteers in Ft. Myers
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helps send needed assistance to communities in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian.

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World Hope has mobilized our disaster relief response team along with our network of local and global nonprofits, corporate, church, and logistics partners to help provide needed assistance to Florida communities.

According to news reports, Hurricane Ian made landfall on the southwestern coast of Florida on Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane.  As it continues its devasting path Hurricane Ian continues to bring historic levels of flooding, punishing wind and rain to Florida.

Hope is on the Way!

World Hope International is mobilizing to bring needed supplies to those affected by Hurricane Ian.
Check back for updates on our continued response.

Hope is on the Ground

Our team is on the ground making and providing clean drinking water by using a portable desalinization system.

Hope is on the way

Our team is delivering supplies and clean water makers to the devastated Ft. Myers area in Florida.

It takes a consortium of powerful partners and their combined expertise to prepare for and provide help to communities in need when disaster strikes.

Learn more about how this emergency response preparedness partnership works by clicking on the video.


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