Unintended Consequences of Clean Water

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Clean Water and Energy, Liberia

Sometimes our actions can have unintended consequences, and when we hear that, we might assume something negativeBut in one community in Liberia there have been some surprisingly positive, unexpected benefits resulting from access to nearby safe water. 

Community Snapshot

For many years, a Wesleyan School in Liberia and the surrounding neighbourhoods had been relying heavily on plastic sachets of water or untreated water for drinking.  This contributed to significant amounts of plastic waste in the environment and negative health impacts due to poor water quality.  

The project began with the renovation and upgrade of the school’s existing hand pump to a Stand-Alone Solar Piped Water System. Advanced filtration and purification systems were installed to ensure the water met high safety standards. In addition, elevated storage tanks and pipelines were built to distribute clean water efficiently to different locations around the community. 

Water Sachets

Waterpoint Helps Eliminate Plastic Waste 

As the safe water system became operational, the school, along with neighbouring communities noticed immediate benefits. While families used to purchase one-time use plastic sachets of water, they now use refillable water bottles relying on the newly accessible and affordable sources for drinking water. This has virtually eliminated the use of plastic water sachets, drastically reducing plastic waste around the school campus and in the community.  

Water tower installed in a community providing safe water

Healthier Communities

According to the World Health Organization, “Absent, inadequate, or inappropriately managed water and sanitation services expose individuals to preventable health risks.” Because the water system installed at the Wesleyan school is also a source of safe drinking water for neighbouring communities’ people are experiencing overall improved health and well-being. 

With clean drinking water readily available, health outcomes in the community have dramatically improved. Access to safe water has reduced the risk of waterborne illnesses and individuals are experiencing fewer health issues related to poor water quality. 

Celebrating the Unexpected 

Access to safe water impacts multiple aspects of an individual and community’s life.  In this story, that includes less plastic waste and cleaner environments.  Before the water project began, plastic waste reduction was never intended as an outcome. We are celebrating the unexpected impact of clean water! 

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Contact our engagement team today at info@worldhope.ca if you, your church, or your community would be interested in partnering with us on a clean water initiative. You can also make a gift to The Hope Fund, which helps us make a difference where and when it matters. 

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