Hope Found in Education

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A solid education is foundational to lifting children out of poverty and giving them hope for the future. No one reading this would disagree that there is exceeding value in a good education or argue that education is unimportant. The way we experience education can be different, but the fact remains that education is vital to our future potential. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin 

Making Education Accessible

At World Hope International (WHI), we work within 3 pillars of development, one of which is Protection and Education. Our Child Sponsorship Program is lifting children out of poverty and giving them hope for a better future. In many communities we work alongside the church to empower families to get their children to school, giving them a chance at an education. 

Haiti Child Sponsorship


In a small community in the mountains of the island of La Gonave, the Wesleyan mission has planted a church and in turn, a small school has opened to provide the children an opportunity for education. The Pastor says it best, “I can’t find the words to thank God for continuing to open doors for our community.  For dozens of years, we’ve been trying with limited efforts to give education to the children of the area. It’s a small community of farmers who mainly grow corn, peas,

and peanuts.  The families are very vulnerable and don’t earn enough to send their children dozens of kilometers from their homes. I’m very grateful to World Hope for their commitment to helping these children with their schooling. This new partnership will help us pay the teachers and keep the school running.” 

Sierra Leone 

In Sierra Leone, as well as our regular sponsorship program, we also offer a specialized program for children and youth living with disabilities.  Enable the Children (ETC) provides education tailored to each child. The program is flexible, helping children and youth receive an education in the way that best suits them through school, homeschool, or partnerships with local businesses to learn a trade.  

In addition to their educational needs, the child/youth and their family also receive instruction, therapy, and specialized equipment to help them on their journey. This holistic approach is empowering children to live full lives. 

Teachers are also learning how to invest in children who are living with disabilities. One teacher stated,

Adapted Education Class

“We were totally ignorant to the issues of the children living with disabilities in our classes. We were just limited to physical disabilities, not intellectual disabilities. They have been left out for too long now. But with this training, we hope to go back and make the necessary corrections. Thanks to WHI and donors for supporting us, to come and learn. May God richly bless you.” 


In Liberia, we are celebrating the difference that child sponsorship is making to provide education to children who are in need. In the 2022/2023 academic year, two female amputees; one a double amputee and the other missing an arm, successfully graduated. One of the students has received an undergraduate scholarship from the Vice President of Liberia. These remarkable young women were sponsored through the Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope program for over six years, receiving support and assistance to achieve their educational goals despite physical challenges.   

Liberia Child Sponsorship

Making a Difference One Child at a Time 

The need is great for children all over the world to receive a quality education. If we consider all the statistics and numbers, it is daunting. Yet, each child matters. Each child has value. Each child who receives sponsorship will be changed and be a force for change for the next generation. A sponsorship can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.

Proverbs 4:13 NIV

Visit our website here https://worldhope.ca/sponsor-a-child/ to find out more and partner to change a life today.

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