#worldwater day 2017

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Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti and the Babaco region back in 2011 wreaking havoc and decimating the clean water source along with the irrigation system that helped crops to grow. Rubble from the nearby mountains flooded Babaco so that many homes were buried and the course of the river changed.

The water was once abundant and flowed into the village. Now, the water has dried up or changed its course away from Babaco.

The people of the village now use the old waterway as a road and women and children walk for miles to collect water from the stream that runs in its place, where laundry is done and livestock are fed.

The village has been suffering from malnutrition, extreme poverty and water-borne illnesses.

But God overcame huge obstacles and in January of 2017, we hit water! A well was drilled and a 25 gpm pump for irrigation and drinking water was installed!

Now, a village of 2,000 people has access to clean, safe drinking water, and many now have water for growing their crops!

So much water was hit, that with God’s love and your help, we will install a 100 GPM pump, providing water to thousands of more people, even beyond Babaco!

God overwhelmed us at every step with his goodness and help. We look forward to partnering with you today to bring clean water to thousands more!


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