Mission & Distinctives


Our mission is to work with national partners to develop and implement life changing strategies that will empower people with opportunities, create dignity and inspire hope by addressing poverty and its many effects.


Honouring Relationships: Relationships make the world go round and World Hope Canada understands that relationships are vital to everything we do: our relationship with you, with our partners and beneficiaries; your relationship with us and our partners; the relationship between our partners and their mentors; and our collective relationship with God. We seek to honour relationships.

Stewardship: We are stewards of God’s resources and accountable to our stakeholders; therefore, we are intentionally cost-conscious so we can respond to the needs of people with the generosity that Jesus modelled.

Dependence on God’s Provision: We are committed to providing opportunities for donors to participate in the work God is doing through World Hope Canada through praying, giving and going. We believe that God provides and that He uses each of us as individuals, churches, businesses and organizations to do so!

Transparency & Accountability: Both are essential to building trust. We are committed to full-disclosure to our stakeholders. We want to share the triumphs and challenges; the joy and the tears. Our work involves real people, struggling and succeeding. Our desire is to be transparent and accountable to create an honest opportunity to engage.

Communication: We encourage you to communicate with us and with our partners and mentors on-the-ground. Get the inside scoop! We want to close the gap between people living in Canada and people living in some of the poorest places on earth.

Focused: We can’t solve the problems of the whole world but just like Jesus invested in the twelve, we are prayerfully realistic about what we can effectively accomplish and we invest in those goals, objectives, people and places. Committing to fewer projects helps us to be more effective, providing quality rather than just quantity.