Who We Are

World Hope Canada works with some of the poorest people in the world and the good news is that we can make a tremendous difference in their lives! We are a Christian relief and development organization with a focus on those who could be easily forgotten.

Our philosophy of working with national partners to develop and implement life changing strategies comes from a deeply seated belief that people generally know what they need and how to solve whatever problems they are facing. World Hope Canada comes along side our partners and engages in active listening with the goal of building local capacity and providing resources so that national people can effectively address their difficulties with home-grown solutions.

We pay special attention to the issues of child welfare and human trafficking while seeking to encourage self-sufficiency and inspire hope through projects and activities such as education, community and economic development, leadership and skills training, and public health.

As a Christian faith-based organization, we infuse all of our activities with the Spirit and example of Jesus Christ, believing that personal and community transformation occurs best with God’s help. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is both our inspiration and our guide. At the same time, World Hope Canada is 100% committed to the non-sectarian delivery of humanitarian aid. Recognizing that our international partners and clients are generally in a vulnerable position, we ensure that our work is never used in a manipulative fashion to further religious goals. All our projects are implemented without religious “strings attached.” In doing so, we are persuaded that we are following the example of Jesus, who loved all equally.