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by | May 22, 2020 | Desk of Tanya, Protection, Ukraine

World Hope International (Canada) has seen 150 young women graduate from Hope House with educational degrees and make a life for themselves in society, breaking the cycle of poverty and being an orphan. 

World Hope is moving towards becoming a leader in community-based ministry focused on lessening the amount of institutionalized living in Ukraine and training Christ-centered families to care for orphans.

This Spring I visited Hope House and I cannot express my excitement for the future of this ministry. We are moving from a place of learning to a place of impact with local leaders and believers. Our leaders have been actively mentoring churches who desire to foster orphans and working alongside a family who desires to provide a safe home for orphaned girls. While in Ukraine, I was able to meet with local ministries whose goal is to work collaboratively and spend time with leaders who see the importance of keeping young women off the streets and moving them into a place of safety and success.

We sense that God has been opening doors for an incredible future of ministry in this beautiful country and a confirmation that we have the experience and history to help teach others.

While I was at Hope House, the residents were enthused to share about their Christmas concert. They wrote and produced a play for their local church, and it was the highlight of their Christmas season! It was heart-warming to hear many of our Hope House residents calling their house parents “mamma” and “papa.” To hear young girls who do not have an active parent in their life or no parent at all is a reminder of the way that God is our Father and that He loves us and leads us.

We are grateful for our partners who continue to participate in our child sponsorship program, support this project through giving, prayer, and share the inspirational stories of the hope of Hope House in Ukraine.

The moment we set foot on the property of Hope House, you could sense the peace and love of the Holy Spirit. The love extended to the girls by Sergiy and Larrissa is infectious and is transforming their lives. Hearing the testimonies of those who have graduated the program and come back to spend time with their family warms the heart and is proof of the success of this ministry. Through Hope House, lives are being transformed to break the cycle of a poverty mindset and sets them free to raise their families and empowers them to contribute positively to their society.

Rev. Natalie Gidney, Assistant Pastor, Brazil Lake Wesleyan Church, Nova Scotia

Hope House provides a safe place for orphaned girls who have aged out of the government orphanage system. Those who age out are put on the streets or back with a dysfunctional family and are vulnerable to trafficking, drug abuse, and prostitution. 

Support Hope House with a gift to The Hope Fund. 

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