The Alpha Program

Momodu’s grandmother gave thanks to God, the staff and donors for joining hands together to bring her grandson back to life!

Momodu was born into a difficult life. His father died when he was young and his mother suffered with mental health issues. He was being raised by his grandmother but she wasn’t able to provide for all his needs.

Two year old Momodu became ill. His grandmother tried native medicine and then a local health clinic, but they did not help. He was later brought to the Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital where he was referred to the Alpha Program for treatment of severe malnutrition.

After three weeks, they left the clinic. Upon follow up, he needed to be readmitted. Now grandma had a tough decision to make. ‘Eat or treat’: stay home near her garden or bring her extremely malnourished grandson to the hospital where they can be treated? Can you even imagine having to make that decision? Unfortunately, hospitals in many developing countries cannot provide meals for parents staying in hospital with their child. Most families are subsistence farmers and do not have the ability to purchase food and as a result of this stress, parents often withdraw their child from treatment prematurely.

Fortunately, there was someone who helped to pay for food and the grandmother’s other needs so Momodu could remain there for the full eight weeks required.

The grandmother admitted that she never believed she would return home with her little grandson but because of the kindness of God’s people, her needs were taken care of and he recovered.

That’s why we’re inviting you to become a member of the Give Life Program. Your support of $33 a month will ensure that malnourished children receive the medical care they require and their parents will receive the food they need so their own hunger doesn’t hinder their child’s recovery.

Your gift of $33 a month gives life to the child in treatment; gives life to the parent receiving training; gives life to the whole family. Thank you for your support!