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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, aquaculture (fish farming) is a strategy that has proven to bring widespread, tangible, and meaningful benefits to the rural poor. In a country as vast and rich as the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is unfathomable that people suffer from lack of adequate food. Yet over 40% of children living in north-western DRC experience daily the devastating effects of malnutrition. 

Fish ponds can supply the protein needs for an entire family with enough left over to be sold at local markets. For fish farmers, this has increased their ability to purchase essential items, pay medical fees, and even cover school expenses.

World Hope Canada’s FISH for HOPE project, in partnership with the CEUM, is endeavoring to revitalize aquaculture by providing training and basic tools. Since late 2012, we have trained over 750 people in good fish farming practices and supplied tools to hundreds of fish farmers. The productivity of many fish ponds has doubled as a result of our efforts.

Fish for Hope provides instruction, tools, and on-going technical support for fish farmers in the NW region of D.R. Congo. Training events in 2017 will team up with model farmers—those who have adopted good fish farming practices—so that local fish farmers can observe the potential output of well-managed ponds and encourage them to operate with the same level of commitment.

World Hope Canada’s FISH for HOPE program is an effective program that is helping to restore the livelihoods of rural families in D.R. Congo. As a result,  people have better access to high quality food and increased household income, improved health and funds to pay for vital services such as healthcare and school fees.

Your contribution to small-scale, rural fish farming is helping to alleviate poverty.


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