Burkina Faso

burkinafasoBurkina Faso is a land-locked country with Coastal Ghana among five other bordering countries, which include Mali and Niger. The ongoing terror activities in Mali and Niger have Burkina Faso and Ghana on alert for fear that the violence will spill into their respective countries.

Burkina Faso's large population, over 16 million, combined with its limited natural resources pose challenges to prosperity. It is a landlocked country that depends on agriculture, the majority of its population is engaged in subsistence farming. The country has limited natural resources and a frail industrial base. Cotton and gold are Burkina Faso's key exports.

As The Wesleyan Church in Ghana expands into Burkina Faso, we will be there to provide compassionate assistance to those in need. Currently, we are supporting a school in Ouagadougou.