Success Stories


First Step Centre-  A Story of Transformation


When Lisa came to First Step Center, she was already living on the streets. At the tender age of just 13, she was sniffing glue and abusing drugs and alcohol.  In order to survive, Lisa became a prostitute and joined a criminal gang. After attending First Step Centre for a few years, she disappeared. You can’t imagine our happiness when Lisa recently visited us at First Step Centre. She brought her children and told us about all that God had done in her life. Lisa2-01

She is married, has five beautiful children and has a home of her own. She attends a local church with her family and she thanks God for giving her the chance to be a part of First Step Centre and to learn about God’s love for her.  Lisa noticed right away that we still had her picture on the wall. Now we have added a new one beside it!

We praise God for the opportunities to show the practical love of God to all the kids who come to First Step Center. Lisa reaffirmed for each of us that He is a God of miracles and He is alive!

Meet Lena

When World Hope Canada began back in the year 2000, there were thousands of children living on the streets of Odessa. Homeless and with no support whatsoever, this created a very dangerous situation, especially for girls.

Lena was discovered living on a construction site. At 12, she had never been to school and due to many family problems, she decided that living on the streets was a better alternative for her.  She kept her hair tucked up under her hat to hide the fact that she was a girl and she got along however she could.

Eventually, she came to First Step Centre where she received loving care through hot meals, a safe and loving environment and those who would advocate on her behalf.  Once Hope House opened its doors, she moved in and was tutored to prepare for school. Lena is an intelligent girl and in no time she was ready to enter school. She studied hard and caught up and then continued her educational pursuits until she graduated from university as a translator, fluent in English.  Lena was so grateful for the assistance she received that she wanted to give back.LENA & Family-01

She volunteered with some of the programs that World Hope runs in Ukraine and it was there that she met the love of her life.  Today, Lena is a loving wife and an excellent mother. Her little family is such a contrast to the one she grew up in: no alcohol, no abuse. Her life has been transformed by the love of God through the support of those who believed in the work of World Hope Canada in Ukraine. Lena is happy to share with others who are in situations similar to the one she grew up in that there is HOPE for a brighter future for the individual and for Ukraine.