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Pastor Theo was heading up mission work for The Wesleyan Church in Ghana as they reached out to those living in Burkina Faso. He planted a church in Ouagadougou and then began a school for children living in Balkuy, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. On Sunday August 2, 2015 Pastor Theophilus Moko and his wife were tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on their way to church. They leave four children behind. Samuel (19), Isreal (16), Al Shadai (13) and Micheal (7).

The children are currently living with their uncle in an outlying village. When going to school, they live in Kouba at their family home with an aunt who cares for them. With the added burden of four children on the aunt and the uncle, they require sponsorship for school and food. Sponsorship for each child is $40/month.

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