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Why should girls go to school? Girl child education is considered a waste of precious resources. Cultural biases dictate that it’s more important for boys to go to school, while girls need to be prepared for marriage. We would never ask a question like that in North America but in many rural African villages, it is a grim reality.

It is a fact that when a girl gets even a minimum grade 5 education, she and her family will do much better in life. According to Maritza Ascencios, from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), “Educating girls is a surefire way to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality, improve nutritional status and health, reduce poverty, and wipe out HIV/AIDS and other diseases.”

World Hope Canada currently works with 190 communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) promoting community health education, improved agricultural practices and the importance of girl child education. To date, close to 80,000 people have received our training!

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Our educational research, conducted in rural schools, shows that if 100 girls enroll in grade 1, just over 21 would complete grade 5. Furthermore, for the 100 girls enrolled in grade 1, there would be 300 boys! This is an appalling situation that perpetuates poverty and unnecessary suffering. However, because of our work promoting girl child education, we have seen significant increases in the number of girls completing grade 5! This work is made possible by people like you and our partnership with DFATD*. Can you help with this important work? We need YOU to partner with us and our incredibly dedicated team of leaders in DRC who daily make sacrifices to ensure the number of girls in school continues to increase. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year than by sharing our abundance or by giving sacrificially for those who are in great need. Just imagine if 500 of us each gave $50; the impact on these girls’ lives could be extraordinary! Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you as you return thanks for His many blessings in your life!

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Honour Pastor Theophilus

Pastor Theo worked hand in hand with Rev. Joseph Ocran our partner in Ghana. They had a mission: to provide education for the children in Balkuy, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The children currently meet in a temporary building attached to Pastor Theo’s church. The need and dream is to build a proper school.  The school currently offers classes from kindergarten to grade three.  It is a blessings to be able to help meet the need for education in this mostly Muslim community. It is a tangible way to demonstrate the love of God by providing education and helping to meet this need.


The church and school are housed on a large piece of property that is government owned that has been designated as a school location.  Now is the time for us to move ahead and build a proper school as a way to demonstrate our commitment to that community.


The need is for $11,000 to build a two room school house and furnish it with tables and chairs, chalk boards and chalk.  Many of the children that currently attend the school, walk for miles carrying their own chair with them!


Pastor Theo loved the children and his ministry in Burkina Faso!  Your gift in any amount today is a beautiful way to honour Pastor Theo and his family. You can help continue the work he has started and keep his vision alive!


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Happy 40th Birthday Sergiy!

Happy 40th Birthday, Sergiy!

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Honour Kerry on his 70th birthday by becoming one of the 70!

Anyone that has ever spent time with Kerry Allison would hardly believe that he turned 70 yesterday (July 29)! He can work harder than most anyone I know and he has poured himself into our ministry in Ukraine. He builds, he gardens, he practices English with the girls at Hope House, he budgets, he mentors . . . the list goes on and on.

Most recently, he has led the charge to get Hope House II completed and ready for 14 new girls to move into next month. This more than doubles our capacity.

You can honour Kerry’s dedication by sponsoring one of our girls for just $31 a month! Click here to sign up today and help wish Kerry a Happy Birthday!

Please visit our sponsorship page here, call 613-482-1499 or mail  World Hope Canada, PO Box 982, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Bringing Hope to the People of Nepal

On April 25th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal killing over 8,000 people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and in need. This is the largest natural disaster to hit Nepal since 1934. Damage to roads and infrastructure has made it very difficult to reach many areas and there are still many people in need of assistance. Coupled with the monsoon season starting in a few weeks, the people of Nepal need our help. Your gift of $140 will provide a tent, giving shelter to a family of 5. These tents are UV-proof, waterproof, rot-proof and fire retardant. Your $56 gift will provide a water filter, giving an entire family up to 150 gallons of clean water per day, lasting for up to 10 years. ​ We encourage you to watch and share this video  of how World Hope is on the ground, providing relief to the people of Nepal. Please join us today as we partner with World Hope International to bring the people of Nepal, hope for tomorrow. Partnering to bring hope, Stephanie Gilmer, Executive Director.

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Nepal Relief Fund

Help support the victims of the Nepal Earthquake!

In an effort to provide relief to Nepal, World Hope Canada has teamed up with World Hope International.  In partnership with the Wesleyan Church they have airlifted several industrial tents to over 70 families who have lost their homes.  These tents are UV-proof, waterproof, rot-proof and fire retardant and suitable for a family of five.  It is our hope that these tents will serve the many mothers and children who have been displaced at such a difficult time.  In addition there have been teams arriving, providing water filters and hygiene kits.  These are critical items needed since there is a severe lack of water and sanitation due to the earthquake.

As reported by WHI:
“Another massive earthquake struck Nepal on Monday May 11th and it is reported that at least 37 people have died and over 1,000 others are injured, as a result. In addition, the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 continues to impact thousands of people suffering in its aftermath. In fact, The Disasters Emergency Committee reported that clean water supplies have been disrupted and residents are living and defecating in the open, which is leading to outbreaks of cholera and dysentery.”

Please join us as we pray for the victims of this horrendous tragedy and pray for your role in financially assisting them. With your help, we can reach thousands more children, around the world!

In His name,
Stephanie Gilmer
Executive Director


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70 Years > 70 Sponsors. Countdown starts today, May 21!

Over 10 years ago Kerry and Carole Allison visited World Hope Canada’s work in Ukraine fell in love. They spend three to six months there each year in Ukraine as volunteers supporting the various ministries. Why? Because they have seen the direct impact Hope House has had on the lives of the over 75 girls who have graduated from the program.
Kerry, a retired educator, builder and self-starter, spent time in Russia converting an abandoned kindergarten school into a Bible College and Church. Little did he know that God was laying the foundation for his work in Ukraine. World Hope Canada’s ministry in Ukraine began in the year 2000 by providing assistance to the many children living on the streets of Ukraine. In 2004, a home was purchased where vulnerable teenage girls could live in safety but it was in need of an addition and renovations. Kerry, well known to World Hope Canada, was the natural choice to lead this project because of his proven experience as a builder and his command of the Russian language, and Hope House was born! Kerry and Carole have devoted their lives to the girls and Hope House, overseeing many projects over the years. Many may ask why a man would leave the comfort of his home and family to live in a far-off country. The answer is simple: Kerry strongly believes in the ministry of Hope House ‘to be a loving and supportive home where vulnerable girls can learn family and life skills and receive an education so they can live successful, independent lives that are honouring to the Lord.’ Kerry was there from the beginning and when asked, “Is it worthwhile to sponsor a girl living at Hope House?” He replied, “If there is anybody out there that is looking for an opportunity to do one good thing in their lifetime, it would be to sponsor a girl. It is not only saving a life, it is giving a life which adds up to many years of happiness. Without Hope House, these girls would be [possibly caught up in human trafficking] used and abused and will have no life.”


In honour of Kerry and his work in Ukraine, we are looking for 70 sponsors to help celebrate his 70th birthday!  For $1/day or just $31 /month, you can sponsor a girl living at Hope House.  Her life will be transformed and give her a much brighter future!   Will you take the challenge to “save a life”?  Please visit worldhope.ca/projects/anti-human-trafficking/sponsorship-program, call 613-482-1499 or mail  World Hope Canada, PO Box 982, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

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