Our God is so Good!

Stephanie and I work in several countries where unstable governments, kidnappings and civil wars take place not to mention the higher risk of disease, accidents and unsafe airlines. We are very mindful of this and on each trip ask several people to pray for us. We often boast about how good God has been to us as over the last 30 years; He has protected us time and again. It never ceases to amaze me how he cares for us even in the tiny details. I could recount numerous stories. I had an experience last week which reminded me of this again. In Congo, two civil wars raged between 1997 and 2003 with over 5 million deaths. In our travels after the war we were very mindful of landmines and avoided some roads. One of these roads was recently demined and 5 mines were located and removed. We still come across places in the road were a land mine blew up a vehicles and the crater still exists. On Thursday we were traveling on a road which I have used many times. A rain storm had washed some dirt off the road and exposed a landmine which the local villagers had roped off with plastic tape. It was a moment of gratitude as I reflected how many times I have been through that section of road and Stephanie, Allison and Nathan have also been on that road with me not to mention numerous other people. Perhaps the mine was a dud, or somehow no one had driven over it just right-regardless it could have been bad for some one. Our God is so good!! Thank you for praying! Sheldon Gilmer Blacks Creek Innovations Inc. 3075 County Road 20 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 1 (613) 889 3717 or 1 (888) 989-3717 www.blackscreek.ca