Butoke School

Butoke School


Butoke means “light” and Butoke does indeed shine a light on the community, delivering impressive results at low cost, whether by setting up women’s groups for food production, capping natural springs for clean water, or getting a school built, staffed and running with 1,385 pupils in only 9 months. What is impressive are the efforts of the local population themselves. Let us give them a hand. Just about everyone is extremely poor in Congo’s Western Kasaï province This is a part of the world that everyone seems to have forgotten. Butoke is one of the few organizations bringing hope to this corner of the world, using an integrated model of community development.

Butoke combines long-term development and immediate relief in interconnected ways and has welcomed a number of orphans into its fold, despite limited resources.

Butoke’s latest initiative is an ambitious one. Recognizing the key role that quality education can make in breaking the cycle of poverty, Butoke has decided to set up a school in their base community of Tshikaji for orphans and other village children without access to education of an acceptable quality.

Buildings have gone up, a library has been created, teachers have been hired and trained, and the school has been launched in just a few months, to great applause from the community. Enrollment has been so great that Butoke has had to add new classrooms, using plastic sheeting for roofs. This has further stretched Butoke’s capacity, but how does one refuse a child who wants nothing more than the opportunity to learn? Butoke is making heroic efforts but needs help.

Your gift will support Butoke’s school and orphanage in a sustainable way, while allowing you to follow the progress of the child that you sponsor.