What We Do

Community development is a structured intervention that gives communities greater control over the conditions that affect their lives.  The key to a successful community development program is the unwavering belief that communities do not receive lasting help unless they themselves identify their needs as well as the solutions. Community development is about more than just providing resources; it is also a chance for people to develop skills and reclaim their dignity. World Hope Canada is strongly committed to this principle.

Seed Loan Program

Responding to the needs of local farmers,  a seed loan program was created  to ensure that all families have the seed they need to harvest the best possible crop. In 2011, a storehouse was constructed to store the grains from the harvest so that when it came time to plant again, there would be seeds available.



Swaziland Feeding Station

Feeding station-01The Feeding Station is of great help to the impoverished community of NGCINA.  The children are always looking forward to the meals that they receive daily. It is amazing how the consistent feeding of these children is making a difference in their lives, more especially to the children that were born with HIV virus and also those that are already sick with kwashiorkor ( a severe form of malnourishment). It is always difficult for them to take their medication, without food. In this area we have seen something that we have never seen before. Those caring for the children that are taking the HIV medicines always  accompany the children to the feeding station and wait for them to get something to eat and then give them the medicine. When they are asked why they do this, they told the caregivers it is because they have nothing to eat at home and they cannot give the children their medicines on empty stomachs.

Fish For Hope

World Hope Canada, in partnership with the Congolese national church, is helping to reverse the poverty trend, through projects and programs that equip health systems, advance food security, and enable entrepreneurship. Among these initiatives is FISH for HOPE. Aquaculture, the farming of fish, has contributed to sustainable livelihoods in the past, providing much needed food and income for general household needs. But civil war in the 1990s cast these development initiatives into disarray and forced people deeper into poverty and hardship. Even though aid organizations have returned, aquaculture has not been a development priority, leaving it unsupported by government and non-government programs.   For the past two years, FISH for HOPE has been working to fill this gap. We have begun to reinvigorate the aquaculture sector, bringing improved food security and household income to literally thousands of people in Equateur Province. Approximately 700 men and women have received training in improved fish farming practices and been provided with small subsidies of tools for construction and refurbishment of fish ponds.

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