The Big Give for World Hope Canada

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Beulah Bonanza and a Spring Soirée

World Hope Canada’s annual dinner was held in two locations this year:  Beulah Camp and Moncton Wesleyan Church.  Both events had a tremendous attendance and we were able to raise over $19,000!  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to plan these two events,  who cooked, set-up, prayed and attended.  It is because of you, that we exist!

Below are some photos of the events.  We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next spring in the same place!

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Our God is so Good!

Stephanie and I work in several countries where unstable governments, kidnappings and civil wars take place not to mention the higher risk of disease, accidents and unsafe airlines. We are very mindful of this and on each trip ask several people to pray for us. We often boast about how good God has been to us as over the last 30 years; He has protected us time and again. It never ceases to amaze me how he cares for us even in the tiny details. I could recount numerous stories. I had an experience last week which reminded me of this again. In Congo, two civil wars raged between 1997 and 2003 with over 5 million deaths. In our travels after the war we were very mindful of landmines and avoided some roads. One of these roads was recently demined and 5 mines were located and removed. We still come across places in the road were a land mine blew up a vehicles and the crater still exists. On Thursday we were traveling on a road which I have used many times. A rain storm had washed some dirt off the road and exposed a landmine which the local villagers had roped off with plastic tape. It was a moment of gratitude as I reflected how many times I have been through that section of road and Stephanie, Allison and Nathan have also been on that road with me not to mention numerous other people. Perhaps the mine was a dud, or somehow no one had driven over it just right-regardless it could have been bad for some one. Our God is so good!! Thank you for praying! Sheldon Gilmer Blacks Creek Innovations Inc. 3075 County Road 20 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 1 (613) 889 3717 or 1 (888) 989-3717

Hope Changes Everything!

Why should girls go to school? Girl child education is considered a waste of precious resources. Cultural biases dictate that it’s more important for boys to go to school, while girls need to be prepared for marriage. We would never ask a question like that in North America but in many rural African villages, it is a grim reality.

It is a fact that when a girl gets even a minimum grade 5 education, she and her family will do much better in life. According to Maritza Ascencios, from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), “Educating girls is a surefire way to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality, improve nutritional status and health, reduce poverty, and wipe out HIV/AIDS and other diseases.”

World Hope Canada currently works with 190 communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) promoting community health education, improved agricultural practices and the importance of girl child education. To date, close to 80,000 people have received our training!

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Our educational research, conducted in rural schools, shows that if 100 girls enroll in grade 1, just over 21 would complete grade 5. Furthermore, for the 100 girls enrolled in grade 1, there would be 300 boys! This is an appalling situation that perpetuates poverty and unnecessary suffering. However, because of our work promoting girl child education, we have seen significant increases in the number of girls completing grade 5! This work is made possible by people like you and our partnership with DFATD*. Can you help with this important work? We need YOU to partner with us and our incredibly dedicated team of leaders in DRC who daily make sacrifices to ensure the number of girls in school continues to increase. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving this year than by sharing our abundance or by giving sacrificially for those who are in great need. Just imagine if 500 of us each gave $50; the impact on these girls’ lives could be extraordinary! Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you as you return thanks for His many blessings in your life!

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Honour Pastor Theophilus

Pastor Theo worked hand in hand with Rev. Joseph Ocran our partner in Ghana. They had a mission: to provide education for the children in Balkuy, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The children currently meet in a temporary building attached to Pastor Theo’s church. The need and dream is to build a proper school.  The school currently offers classes from kindergarten to grade three.  It is a blessings to be able to help meet the need for education in this mostly Muslim community. It is a tangible way to demonstrate the love of God by providing education and helping to meet this need.


The church and school are housed on a large piece of property that is government owned that has been designated as a school location.  Now is the time for us to move ahead and build a proper school as a way to demonstrate our commitment to that community.


The need is for $11,000 to build a two room school house and furnish it with tables and chairs, chalk boards and chalk.  Many of the children that currently attend the school, walk for miles carrying their own chair with them!


Pastor Theo loved the children and his ministry in Burkina Faso!  Your gift in any amount today is a beautiful way to honour Pastor Theo and his family. You can help continue the work he has started and keep his vision alive!


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Happy 40th Birthday Sergiy!

Happy 40th Birthday, Sergiy!

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Honour Kerry on his 70th birthday by becoming one of the 70!

Anyone that has ever spent time with Kerry Allison would hardly believe that he turned 70 yesterday (July 29)! He can work harder than most anyone I know and he has poured himself into our ministry in Ukraine. He builds, he gardens, he practices English with the girls at Hope House, he budgets, he mentors . . . the list goes on and on.

Most recently, he has led the charge to get Hope House II completed and ready for 14 new girls to move into next month. This more than doubles our capacity.

You can honour Kerry’s dedication by sponsoring one of our girls for just $31 a month! Click here to sign up today and help wish Kerry a Happy Birthday!

Please visit our sponsorship page here, call 613-482-1499 or mail  World Hope Canada, PO Box 982, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0